BSIM looking for people to join their orchestra

Have you ever thought of to be in an orchestra group. BSIM (Brantford School of Instrumental Music) is looking for people who are interested to join an orchestra group which is already called - Brantford Community Orchestra.

Karl Langton, the President of Brantford School of Instrumental Music, tells that anyone who can play and most importantly stays in Brantford or within a 30 minutes drive, can be part of this group. The regulations to be a part of the band are very simple.
They are not looking for beginners. They are looking for people who can read music they will provide and can play it. They also require to have their own instrument.

Players do not have to be professionals or members of a union. Till now, the President of BSIM has got 20 requests from musicians who want to be a part of this group. He is expecting that they will get around ten to fifteen string players. Ideally, they will have twenty and that would be really fabulous.

Till now, BSIM has list of one bass player, five violinists, four flutists, four clarinet players as well as people to play tuba, French horn and bassoon. Karl Langton has booked New Covenant Church where his band will play its first show in May 2013. He just expects that people does not wait too long to join the group. Once the registration is done, the total number of band member will be around fifty.