Philharmonic Orchestra in Suffolk

Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra already has 3 successful concerts under their belt and now they have started to plan their year ahead. Last year, the orchestra was formed under Leslie Olive and their very first performance took place at the St Edmundsbury Cathedral during the Bury Festival that was attended by seven hundred people.


Youth Orchestra

A new arts program has started in Southern Maryland. The famous Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra has recently announced its inaugural season this spring. The symphony orchestra is actually designed for the young musicians especially for those between sixth to twelve grades who have already completed their one year of study on the instrument.


Bergen Youth Orchestra Auditions

The Bergen Youth Orchestras will hold their auditions for young musicians on August and early September for the season 2012-2013. The orchestra’s Three Ensembles are a promising opportunity for young musicians. This leading youth orchestra program in the New York Area will hold auditions in the St. Paul’s Church at 113 Engle Street in Englewood, New Jersey. The Bergen Youth Orchestra will have musicians from 6 years of age upto high school.

BSIM looking for people to join their orchestra

Have you ever thought of to be in an orchestra group. BSIM (Brantford School of Instrumental Music) is looking for people who are interested to join an orchestra group which is already called - Brantford Community Orchestra.

Karl Langton, the President of Brantford School of Instrumental Music, tells that anyone who can play and most importantly stays in Brantford or within a 30 minutes drive, can be part of this group. The regulations to be a part of the band are very simple.

Orchestra Lionizes Bequest of Stokowski

Philadelphia orchestra is basically a symphony orchestra of Philadelphia. This month the centenary of Stokowski’s organization with Philadelphia orchestra with four concerts was led by none other than the dynamic music director Yannick Nezet Seguin. The performances will take place at the Academy of Music. This place is second home for the Philadelphia orchestra because of its first 100 years.