Northwest Iowa Musicians are back for Jazz & Blues Festival. Dave Napier, Stephen Smith, Ray Guntren, Joey Gulizia and Eddie Dunn make up a group they

call the Northwest Iowa Musicians, and they will be returning to the Cherokee Jazz and Blues Festival in 2011. The group will be performing at the Copper

Cup from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Jan 7.

Dave Napier has played with many bands in the Sioux City Iowa area, including the Seven Sons and The Velaires. He also spent several years working in the

music field in the Chicago area, and now plays with a Dixieland group, the Dixie Daddies. He has appeared at Iowa Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame events several

times performing with Hall-of-Famers The Velaires, Flames and others. He is a very accomplished musician who has the ability to pick up almost any

instrument and play it. He also is a singer, and has added great background vocals on many recordings.