National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba

The National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba will stage a concert on Wednesday in St. Petersburg. The concert will also feature a work by the famous composer Ernesto Lecuona.

Ernesto Lecuona is known as the “Gershwin of Cuba”. The music illustrates the deep bond between the island nation and the bay area. In the initial part of the 20th century Lecuona was the most famous Cuban composer and also a great pianist. He played in many concerts across the world. Lecuona left Cuba and start living in West Tamps when Fidel Castro came to power. He died of an asthma attack while on a vacation in the Canary Islands.

Owner of the Columbia Restaurant gushed and shared Lecuona played in a room in that restaurant sipping coffee one morning in the Siboney Room. The Siboney Room name has been given to the banquet hall and the ballroom for a classic song composed by Lecuona. The song is dear to the Cubans as it evokes a sense of Indian tribal feeling in the island.

The tribute to Lecuona will be paid by playing his songs which will be performed by the Cuban orchestra. This will be the first tour for the Cuban Orchestra in the United States. The concert will be staged in the Tampa Bay area near Florida Orchestra as a part of the multiyear cultural exchange with Cuba.

Lecuona performed in Ybor City and the place became a landmark. The family of Gonzmart has run the place since 1905. This family had a very cordial relation with Lecuona and he often visited their house. Gonzmart descendant now 60 years of age remembers his mother playing ‘Malaguena’, another popular composition of Lecuona.

The National Symphony Orchestra will also play another classic number of Lecuona named, “La Comparsa”. The musicians are very excited to play in the United States. SO far they have been received well and had done a great show in the Kansas City.