Minnesota Orchestra cannot be sustained

It is almost a year that music died in Minneapolis’ Orchestra Hall. During that period, the animosity between the management of Minnesota Orchestra and the locked-out musicians has deepened. Even U.S. Sen. George Mitchell could not bring the sides together. If things do not alter in the next few days, music would not return.


Nick Hilscher's love for Glenn Miller Orchestra

Nick Hilscher was just eleven years old when he started loving the music of Glenn Miller Orchestra. - thanks to the film The Glenn Miller Story. Nick is 36 now and he is the male vocalist and the music director with the band. He told that as a kid he had an immediate connection with it.

He recently stated that this was the ultimate swing feel and it just struck a chord with him. He loved the feel of the music, he loved the compositions which had been written and that was it. An immediate favorite for him was 'Moonlight Serenade' and after that his passion grew.


Welser-Most falls ill during a performance

Franz Welser-Most, the Cleveland Orchestra music director, is recovering at his house in Austria after he fall ill on Sunday during a stage performance at Vienna State Opera.

A spokesperson for the Cleveland orchestra stated that Welser Most was laid low by acute lower back pain and he was seen by a doctor during the intermission at an event at the Vienna State Opera, the place where the conductor also works as general music director.


Philharmonic Orchestra in Suffolk

Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra already has 3 successful concerts under their belt and now they have started to plan their year ahead. Last year, the orchestra was formed under Leslie Olive and their very first performance took place at the St Edmundsbury Cathedral during the Bury Festival that was attended by seven hundred people.


Youth Orchestra

A new arts program has started in Southern Maryland. The famous Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra has recently announced its inaugural season this spring. The symphony orchestra is actually designed for the young musicians especially for those between sixth to twelve grades who have already completed their one year of study on the instrument.