Philharmonic Orchestra in Suffolk

Suffolk Philharmonic Orchestra already has 3 successful concerts under their belt and now they have started to plan their year ahead. Last year, the orchestra was formed under Leslie Olive and their very first performance took place at the St Edmundsbury Cathedral during the Bury Festival that was attended by seven hundred people.

The orchestra, which is made up of top international-calibre music artists, followed that up with 2 more in the Holy Trinity Church and Long Melford. The orchestra has not been set up just to only take music to well known venues but also to take it into workplaces, hospices, hospitals, village halls, schools and also to go to the widest possible community in Suffolk.

The orchestra is actually Mr Olive's brainchild. He stays in Rattlesden and his credentials include arranging leading orchestras like London Mozart Players, the Royal Philharmonic and the English Chamber Orchestra. Mr Olive is also Stowmarket Chorale and Eye Bach Choir's conductor and the English Arts Chorale's artistic director.

He told that his vision is to take great music throughout Suffolk. He has lived in Suffolk for ten years. This is the most wonderful, wonderful county and it just has to have a professional orchestra.

In their very first concert, eleven teenagers joined the professional musicians on the stage as part of their group's commitment to education. Violinist Kerry Blofield told that it was a bit scary at first but as soon as he started playing it was just brilliant. Just being surrounded by all those professional players is great.