When The Islamabad Music Society (TIMS) organized a programe which featured introduction to opera arias it received thumbs up from audience of members and their guests.

Now in continuation of the series ," Introduction To Western Classical Music", TIMS has organized an event which featured "Programme Music" where certain elements of classical music of the west were performed with live signing and piano.

While explaining the term "Programme Music" organizer TIMS Karin Mittman said that this was a type of music which was very easy to understand since it depicts a scene, poem or something created by the organizer from his inputs received from the outer world rather than from his imagination.

He further explained that the real era of progamme music began in the 18th century and that there is a close connection to impressionism where the composer not only copies the sights and sounds, but he also depicts them through his mind and soul. There were excerpts from "Raindrop Prelude", "Pictures at an Exhibition" and "Peter and the Wolf".

In between the recorded numbers Karin what the music was all about while Ruth came up with a short description of the music the choir. Besides these, English text of the songs was also available on the programme sheet. It is to be noted that the Islamabad Community Choir (ICC) which was a popular forum of music lovers a few years have been revived thanks to the efforts of Ruth and Jenny Nasim.