Traditional music twist at the Sound Festival

As Sound Fest comes back for their 10th anniversary, you would be able to set your mind to all new music collaborations and combinations as this year’s theme concentrates on new borders on to traditional music.
At Aberdeen Art Gallery, from pop up performances to night piano sessions at the Musa, the fest would host over fifty workshops, performances, events and exhibitions till 10th November. Fiona Robertson, the Director of the festival, stated that the events started ten years earlier with a pilot venture as well as expanded mainly of local music bands getting on board.
Fiona told that they had a pilot fest named Upbeat in the year 2004 that was over one weekend and it went so well it transformed into a fest. In the year 2005, they started a week long event and their primary thought was that they wanted to work with organizations in local music scene as well as little clubs then put their parts into the program.
She added that they worked with Aberdeen University as well as Woodend Barn and they strarted adding events into their program and they realized a week was not long enough. That model has stayed the same, but with a whole lot more acts participating and an developing interest throughout the years.