University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra

University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra would be boasted in a concert presentation with Richard Wagner’s work on Friday, 11th Oct., in Mitchell Hall at 8 pm. The concert will mark the 200th anniversary of the birth of Wagner. It would feature Gottfried Wagner, well known music historian as well as the composer’s direct descendant.

Gottfried Wagner would give narration for multimedia experience which looks to examine the composer’s world as well as his contemporaries. University of Delaware director of orchestral activities James Allen Anderson told that the anniversary provides a timely scope to see the music, life and the influence of the composer.

The event deals with issues as various as the character of opera in t he society, antifeminist and anti-Semitism views dominant in the music, and also an appreciation of the compositional craft of the composer and the transformational consequence on music of his peers as well as those that were to follow.

The program looks to balance the scholarly research of Gottfried Wagner with his personal reflections mixed with University of Delaware Symphony Orchestra performances. Tickets for the event would cost US$ 15 for adults; US$ 10 for University of Delaware faculty and staff as well as senior adults; and US$ 5 for the students. Tickets can be booked in advance by dialing box office at the University’s Roselle Center for the Arts.

On 10th Oct, there would be a lecture on - Confronting Richard Wagner (1813-2013): His Life, Operas and Vision of the World. Speaking in the lecture would be Janice Hamer and Gottfried Wagner.