Welser-Most falls ill during a performance

Franz Welser-Most, the Cleveland Orchestra music director, is recovering at his house in Austria after he fall ill on Sunday during a stage performance at Vienna State Opera.

A spokesperson for the Cleveland orchestra stated that Welser Most was laid low by acute lower back pain and he was seen by a doctor during the intermission at an event at the Vienna State Opera, the place where the conductor also works as general music director.

The spokesperson told that the fifty-two year old music director was shifted to a hospital in Vienna and treated for back pain and low blood pressure. Franz Welser-Most is now recovering at his house and was in nice spirits. He had a phone conversation with Gary Hanson, the executive director of the orchestra, on Monday.

News reports suggests that Welser-Most took ill after guiding the opera's first act, which a long segment spanning around 140 minutes. The reports also reveal that the performance went on after Welser-Most left the stage, under the direction of Vienna State Opera's James Pearson.

Back pain is not new for Franz Welser-Most. The music director has dealt with upper body pain ever since his young days, the time when he had a serious car accident.