Youth Orchestra

A new arts program has started in Southern Maryland. The famous Southern Maryland Youth Orchestra has recently announced its inaugural season this spring. The symphony orchestra is actually designed for the young musicians especially for those between sixth to twelve grades who have already completed their one year of study on the instrument.

The president of the Southern Maryland orchestra is Julia Nichols. Born and brought up in Vermont, Nichols played the violin in the youth orchestra and he very well evaluates his working experience. She has 3 children and all of them play violin and she is looking forward to provide this same experience to her children and also the other young musicians.

She says that she literally thinks that the orchestra programs in the school systems are really good. Nichols also says that this will provide them with a different experience. The orchestra director at Chopticon High School, AnnMarie Karnbach is recruited as the new director of the group that also includes brass, strings and also percussion instruments.

One audition session will be completed in January and the group will come for rehearsals weekly in the month of February. The first concert organized by this group will be held in the month of May. Though the orchestra is basically designed for the students of middle and high school, those younger than six standards can also come for audition and at director’s delicacy it will be accepted.

Nichols has finely encouraged the musicians and also their families to attend one or two information sessions to know more about orchestra music. The first show will be on January 10 at the famous Lexington Park Library and the next one will be on January 12 at Charlotte Hall Library. Don’t miss the chance to attend the festivals because it is a great opportunity to know more about orchestra music.